Testimonials – Coaching With Emily


Emily Berman is an empowering and inspiring life coach who devotes her time and energy to helping her clients find their best selves. Using practical, creative, and effective techniques, Emily has helped shed light on a part of me that needed shining. By paying special attention to my personality traits and my strengths and weaknesses, she brought to the surface a crucial aspect of my being that changed me in an outstanding way. She didn’t just provide me with the tools and resources to achieve this— she taught me that I had these tools and resources with me all along and motivated me to use them to my benefit. Emily has guided me in a healthy and happy direction and I find myself in a better place because of it.

Emily is priceless! I was hesitant to try a Life Coach and now that I have experienced Emily, I cannot imagine not having her guidance and support. She has a natural way of surfacing what needs to be addressed and allows me to blossom into the best that I can be in my career, relationships, and all aspects of life. Emily’s approach allows us both to, together, co-create all that I desire and want to manifest in my life. My inner fire has been ignited through Emily’s coaching and I am deeply grateful!

I can definitely say that coaching with Emily is making a difference in my life. I am getting so much out of connecting with her. I feel so good! I think it’s because (1) Emily is an amazing coach – supportive and insightful, (2) she reflects back to me, and (3) I get to express myself authentically in a safe environment. I like to say that she is my cheerleader. It feels so good to have clarity, like nothing is in my way. I feel honored and grateful to be co-actively coaching with her! It’s so obvious that this is her life’s purpose. She is wonderful!!

I am a senior citizen who has suffered with chronic pain for more than seven years.  It has been difficult to accept the fact that in all this time, I have not been able to get a medical diagnosis, nor find a medication, therapy, or intervention to alleviate this constant pain. Knowing that I will probably never get relief from the medical community, I have been left with the prospect of accepting a life-long debilitating physical condition.  This has left me emotionally, mentally and physically drained.

Emily Berman was recommended to me as a person who could help me come to grips with this disability and guide me to understand that I indeed, still have a life and have the ability to continue being a social, caring and contributing member of my community. Through Emily’s guidance and coaching these past few months, I am beginning to accept what I have, to date, not been able to change. My relationship with Emily is giving me the strength to find meaning in my life rather than continually bemoaning my situation.

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